Sculpture KIds Policy

We love our Sculpture kids and they are always welcome to sit during sessions as a courtesy to our Sculpture moms and dads :) I enjoy our children and am working on including a new play area into our expansion plans. I am hoping for a tv/headphone station, new toys, and a partitioned off area. Due to the high volume of new clients and kids, I feel that I need to stress some basic guidelines for safety and client consideration. Any client who plans to have a child sit-in is expected to read the guest policies and sign their acknowledgment prior to starting their session in which a child will be watching.

Sculpture Kid Rules

#1 Children over 2 years are allowed in the kid area during a guardian's session. Babies and infants are allowed in car seats or carriers.

#2 Kids MUST remain on the colored tiles at ALL times. Children are not allowed on the workout floor at ANY time. This includes before and after sessions. Equipment can be dangerous and is only to be used by active clients and under trainer supervision.

#3 Kids can bring outside toys/electronics. Only the items in the colored blocked area such as crayons, books, and games are to be utilized by Sculpture kids. ALL exercise equipment including but not limited to balls, bands, weights, mats, and ropes are NOT for non-client or child use.

#4 Any items that produce noise such as I-pads, gaming systems, movies, etc MUST utilize earphones/headphones by the child.

#5 Children causing noise distractions to clients will need to leave the workout area immediately. Distractions are dangerous to clients utilizing exercise equipment.

Please remove your child if any rule is broken. You are allowed to return once the child is calmed down or situation is rectified. 

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