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Group personal training at Sculpture includes two types of training. Our BURN program and our Team sessions. Depending on your goals, your customized program can consist of one or both types of sessions.


Sculpture trainers use a variety of tools to achieve high caloric burn in a fraction of the time. Forget the monotony of traditional cardio training methods. Each session is designed to keep you and your body guessing to increase stamina, endurance, and strength all while tightening and sculpting your body. Anything goes in BURN from circuits, to bodyweight days, and even competitions.


At Sculpture we consider your CORE  to be your biggest asset in your fitness journey. Your CORE contributes to lower back protection and body stability. These specialized BURN sessions focus on not only your abdominals but your CORE in its entirety. Sculpture trainers use a variety of tools to achieve high caloric burn with a foundation of Pilates. Forget doing hundreds of ineffective crunches to flatten your tummy, strengthen your core, lift your booty, and protect your lower back.  


Just like its namesake, BRIMSTONE™ is harmless when stable and untouched, but put it in a place of fire and in the right hands it's downright torture. Let Sculpture's fitness experts take you to hell and back. Experience a gloriously intense muscle burning workout that just might make grown men cry. So if you are ready to take the leap from a steady BURN and enter the realm of fire and BRIMSTONE, be warned... you just might find yourself coming back for more. Due to the intensity of BRIMSTONE, when you are ready to begin your journey, you must take a FiT test. If you score high enough you will be permitted to attempt BRIMSTONE. If not, do not fear, BURN is available for all levels beginner to advanced.


Our most budget-friendly customized sessions. We utilize Sculpture's unique tracking charts to insure your workouts' steady progression, insuring you the most individualized workout possible in a group setting to follow your fitness progressions and get you results faster. This tracking charts were created by our program designer and are exclusive to Sculpture.

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