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Strategy Meetings

These meetings include a Functional Movement Screen, body statistics, and medical background to aid your Program Designer in creating the perfect program for you and your fitness goals. To ensure you receive to quickest and safest results possible, all new clients must go through a fitness assessment and evaluation. (click here for more information on Sculpture's Strategy Meetings)

Customized Training Sessions 

These sessions are customized for your specific goals and needs. Sessions range from 1-20 clients depending on your program choice. (click here for more information on Sculpture's Customized Training Sessions)

Metabolic Training Sessions

Metabolic sessions are designed by Sculpture's certified fitness experts to increase stamina, endurance, and strength all while tightening and sculpting your body. We use a variety of tools to achieve high caloric burn in a fraction of the time.  (click here for more information on Burn & Brimstone)

Off-Site Training 

Can’t make it into our studio? Sculpture can come to you. We will travel to your home, work, or other off-site location to perform your training. Travel radius is 5 miles is included in basic off-site pricing. For locations outside 5 miles please contact us for a quote.

For Active Clients

The following are included in all programs. See our Program Page for specifics.

  • Nutritional Guidelines:  Whether you wish to count calories, journal, or just say yes/no; this is extremely important to your goals.
  • Homework: Home-based routines designed to hit every major muscle group in under ten minutes a day to keep you engaged.
  • Vacation Routines:  Routines customized for you while out-of-town. You must give at least 48 hours prior notice. Sculpture's Program Designer will call your hotel and further customize your routines based on available equipmentif your accommodations are given.
  • Corrective & Flexibility Custom Routines: Daily exercises targeting your specific muscular-skeletal needs to get you results faster.
  • Office, Email & Phone consults: Your trainers will be more than happy to help when not in a session or already with a client. Whenever and wherever you need help, it is available. Simply email your questions or concerns to or 337-348-7113
  • Food log review:  This is a great option if you have trouble sticking to a healthy nutrition plan or splurge too often. Your trainers will review your log and provide any needed feedback.
  • Photos: Photos are kept confidential in compliance to our Media Policy and provide you with long term visual motivation.
  • Clothing Hold: Our staff will hold one clothing item that does not currently fit you to keep you motivated. You will be allowed to try on your item no more than once every two weeks.
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