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Joining Sculpture almost 3 years ago was one of the best decisions I have ever made
Current Client

Since starting the workouts at Sculpture I have felt better physically! It's hard to explain, but my inner body feels great!  The change in my body is also noticeable because I've receiver compliments from my husband (which is always flattering) & also from my co-workers. I want to live a healthy lifestyle & Sculpture is helping me to achieve that!
Shamika S

I am very please . I feel better than I have in years. Weight loss has been slow but I have been able to keep it off.
Linda C

The challenge was a great experience. I am so happy about the weight I have lost - proud of myself for finishing, and going to continue.  Everyone is so friendly & helpful about everything. I ask a lot of questions LOL - Thank you for helping me start this journey to health and fitness on a positive note.
Susie Jones

This was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I learned how to eat healthier and exercise to the fullest potential. I had more energy when I got through exercising . And we had the best trainer. Her name was Lindsay

This has made me feel healthier, smaller, some stronger, much better about myself

I have enjoyed it every day, Kind of depressed because its over. But we are coming back, the people were the best. Trainer Lindsay was great
C V 

This has taught me so much! I can commit to a 6 week challenge and I can control what I eat. I will not go back to what I was - I will continue to work out on a consistent basis. I look forward to continued success. Thank you !

I have found the  2 pant size challenge a lot of fun. I worked out 4-5 times a week and kept a food journal . This is a good motivational exercise. Causing you to focus on a goal. I think the "facility" is 1st class and its staff are very professional and is eager to help each client. 
Darryl Fontenot

I am at a higher level of fitness than I ever have been in my life. My clothes fit great, everyday activities are easy to accomplish instead of wearing me out and I have muscles that I never knew existed . Thanks DeAnna

Positive environment!

Great workouts with variety!

Love the personal touch and communication with trainer!

With an extremely busy life style with work, and being a single mom, joining a fitness program seemed out of my reach and budget. I have felt so empowered to a healthier me. I recommend this program strongly to anyone who wants to learn a new way of looking at themselves; its hard to convey in words, you have to experience it. Each session I leave from I am a much stronger and more confident woman. Thank you Sculpture for having a program that fits my budget.

Cynthia C

Sculpture is truly a great place to get your fitness goals off to a great start. Their tailor made programs are something I really appreciate and their overall helpfulness and motivation J is quite helpful! I have recommended you to a few of my friends and would love it if they would join!


Sculpture has been an excellent workout studio. The classes are fun, energetic, motivational & personal. Something different each session makes it fun & interesting. I know it works because different muscles are feeling it!

Bobbye N

I was apprehensive about personal training. I have had lower back problems for over 20 years. My fear was doing further damage or bringing on an episode. None of that occurred. In fact, DeAnna paid very close attention to my concerns and worked hard to help me overcome my fears and improve my condition. I feel much stronger and have not experienced a single episode since working with DeAnna. I have felt better the past two years than I did the twenty years before!


I have never been to a gym or worked out any place. I started going to Sculpture last February. I feel great, lost weight, gained muscle. I like the personal attention I get when working out: Thanks DeAnna.

Lydia S.

Thank you so very much for being our trainer. You are one of the reasons why, on a personal level, I am pretty close to my goal! On a professional level, you are the reason why Rosepine Elementary’s Wellness Program is a success. Your classes keep me motivated to do better. It’s a great time to visit with friends. It is a great stress reliever!
Thank You!

Your innovative program keeps me on my toes, keeps me and my muscles happy and in good health, and keeps me coming back. I always find motivation and new energy at the studio.

G. T.

I started because I was unsatisfied w/my body & health. I was previously in the military & had the potential. DeAnna along w/the ladies & gents I workout w/@ Sculpture have been awesome! Now I have a LARGE portion of my family that goes also. I try to encourage everyone I talk to about fitness to try it. One time and you’re HOOKED! (heart) U DeAnna. You are awesome!

Susan V.

I came in wanting to lose weight, tone up, and over all – feel better about myself. I lost about 14 lbs in the first 5-6 mths. I am toner than I have been in years. I feel so much better about myself. I feel better in my clothes (I’ve had to go buy new ones). I work out after work and working out is a great stress reliever. I enjoy working out.

Danielle H

Well I came to Sculpture wanting to lose 20 lbs. I have not lost but 2 but let me tell you I feel more amazing now than I ever have. I have lost tons of inches and gained so much muscle. I feel and look incredible. My training experience has been outstanding and will continue to be. I feel wonderful about the way I look and physically look. Losing weight was just in my head. I found out the number of pounds is just a number. I did not even feel this great in high school.


Hi!! I have tried at home workout cd’s and equipment, that left me not understanding the workout, correct form and distressed. I even joined a 24/7 gym, still not the results that I was looking for. Walking into Sculpture Training Studio, meeting DeAnna, changed my life. She was king, patient, direct & informative. Her nonstop smile encouraged me to come to each of my sessions. With needing to get back in shape after having a baby, that left me with SIJ, DeAnna was the only one who understood my condition. She taught me correct form, allowed me to ask as much as I need to! Love my Private, Semi-Private, and BURN sessions

Ta’Shana G.

I have been taking an anti-inflammatory medication since 2000 for pain caused from a bulging disc. After working with DeAnna about a year, I suddenly realized that I was forgetting to take the medication more often than not. I really had no more pain. It occurred to me that she had designed my routine such that my abs and lower back had strengthened so that they were providing much-needed support for that area of my back that had been causing me problems for so many years. The remarkable thing is that I really did not feel like I had been working that hard! The routines are so well-formulated that they address ones individual issues almost subtlety, so when they are successful we are almost surprised. I would recommend Sculpture to anyone, but particularly to those who have structural or other medical issues who may be afraid to exercise due to their individual limitations. For DeAnna, there are no insurmountable issues!


Last spring I started a weight loss journey... I was my heaviest at 180 pounds at only 5'3". I felt horrible, I had depression and chronic fatigue. I was not always that heavy. Six years ago I was only 135 pounds. I was doing cardio 3x a week- then I ruptured a disc in my neck... not one to take pills, I suffered with chronic pain. This stopped my work outs cold... and started the comfort eating. I have been afraid to work out ever since fearing the pain would return! That is where SCULPTURE TRAINING STUDIO comes into the picture. Knowing I could not loose all the weight with diet alone, I thought I would give a personal trainer a try. Still afraid of a reinjury- I wanted expert advice! This is week 3 of my personel trainging at SCULPTURE! I could not be happier! I have been taught which muscles are not working and which ones are working too hard and how to correct that! This will actually prevent re-injury!!! I have learned to push myself a little bit farther than I thought possible! Sweating and breathing hard won't actually hurt you!!!! I am developing a love for my body and what it can do! I no longer just want to get back to 135 pounds, and fit into skinny cloths, I now want to get stronger, sculpt this 40 year old body into one of those NIKE girls! The strength and resistance training along with my cardio sessions has made feel like a new person! I no longer have the depression or fatigue! I have lost pounds and inches! I may not look like a NIKE girl when I work out.... but I feel like one! THANKS TO SCULPTURE TRAINING STUDIO! 


I love the way my body looks now that you 'sculpted' it. I went from a size 12 down to a size four, lost 20 lbs, and am now the proud owner of a six pack.

Sarah N.

I lost two pants sizes in just 4 weeks! My strength, stamina, and endurance are all through the roof. I have found myself eating better, sleeping better, and having more energy throughout my day. Thank you! 


Thanks for the great workout sessions. I have never been able to stick with an exercise plan, but have been with this one (for six months)! You always made the workouts fun and kept them interesting even while working our butts off (literally). I haven't been bored yet & actually look forward to going to the gym now. Not only that but I have actually seen great results! My clothes fit much better than they did before I started training with you. Keep up the good work!!


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