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Every client is unique and therefore so our the programs at Sculpture. No matter what your goals are for your Sculpture Body Program, we use a mixture of Customized training sessions, homework, Metabolic sessions, corrective exercises, and more to help you meet your goals. 


Weight Loss
Whether you are looking to lose 5 pounds or 200 we can help. Sculpture’s weight management training gets you results safely, naturally, and quickly.

Body Sculpting
Looking to trim your waistline, tighten your arms, or define your abs? Sculpture uses a mixture of core activation, body weight, free weights, and dynamic cardio training utilizing a variety of tools including free weights, kettlebells, bands, stability balls, BOSU, and battling ropes.

No matter if you are looking to simply carry your groceries easier or shock onlookers with what you can lift, Sculpture can build your strength without bulking. 

Hypertrophy- Muscle Gain
Looking to gain muscle, we have the tools to do that. No big gym equipment needed, just hard work and dedication.


DeAnna will work with your Doctor, Physical Therapist, and/or Chiropractor's restrictions to ensure a safe and productive post-therapy workout plan to improve your activities of daily living. 

Health Improvement
Hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, decreasing bone density, chronic fatigue, and other health conditions have been shown to be improved, reversed, or prevented through diet and exercise.

Sculpture uses weight training and cardio techniques to help improve these and other conditions. Clients have seen improvements in bone density, blood pressure, and cholesterol in as little as four weeks!

Corrective Exercising
Muscle imbalances and movement deficiencies can lead to hip and knee injuries, back pain, plantar faciitis, shoulder injuries, and more. We use multiple training techniques within your doctors’ parameters to address these issues for prevention and post-physical therapy.


Looking to reduce your risk of injury and balance your strength, power, and flexibility to improve your game? We use free weights, med balls, kettlebells, plyometrics, stretching techniques, and more to create a personalized performance experience.

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