8 Week 2 Sizes Challenge
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You'll workout and follow the nutrition guidelines I've outlined for you. 
It's simple actually – just read it and follow it and the results will come.

No sign up fees! No contracts! No hassle!
Just support, motivation, and direction!

ALL challenge programs include:

Body statistics 
Before & After pictures 
Nutrition guidelines and workshops 
Guided shopping trips of grocery stores 
Prizes for the top winners 

 **Choose group, semiprivate, or private challenge **

Results from a recent 6-week Sculpture Challenge

Combined Fat loss of over
500 pounds! 

The top 3 clients lost over
8.2% of their body weight
(see what that could be for you…
simply take your weight and multiple it by 0.082)

Overall loss of over
660 inches!!

FOUR clients lost over
17 inches EACH!

Our top client lost
20 INCHES !!

Body Sculpting results at the same Challenge

HIPS: 25% lost between
2.00 – 3.75 inches!

Our TOP THREE lost
6.00 – 7.5 inches in their Abs !

WHAT?! Those are some CRAZY results. I know, exciting right?
Those results were in just 6 weeks.

Imagine what you can do in 8 weeks

So if you are interested in dropping 3-6 inches
off your belly in the next 8 weeks (plus a pile of weight) then....

 secure your spot today!

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