6 week challenge

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Our 6-week Body Transformation Challenges are HUGE successes! 

Clients have been begging to do it again, so here we go!

Here are some of the AWESOME results we saw from those completing a recent six week body transformation challenge.

Weight loss
Over 500 pounds of fat lost!
The top 3 clients lost OVER 8.2% of their body weight!
(see what that could be for you… simply take your weight and multiple it by 0.082)

Over all Inch loss
TOTAL inch loss was over 660 inches!!
FOUR clients lost over 17 inches!!
Our top client had 20 INCHES LOST!! 

Body Sculpting!
UPPER BACK: 21% lost at least 2”!
BELLY: 29% lost at least 3”!
HIPS: 25% lost between 2.00 – 3.75 inches!
Over TOP THREE lost 6.00 – 7.5 inches in their Abs alone

WHAT?! Those are some CRAZY results. I know, exciting right?
That was last time… this is now….
New routines to get even better result!
More teams and more spaces!
Updated nutrition guidelines and ideas! 

So if you are interested in dropping 3-6 inches off your belly in the next 6 weeks (plus a pile of weight) then register today!



Here are some details about the program that you should know before you join:
You'll come and workout four days per week for six weeks and follow the nutrition guidelines we've outlined for you in the program. It's simple actually – just read it and follow it and the results will come. You’ll do the workouts I designed with your team captain.

ALL challenge programs include
Strategy Meeting and Fitness screening for new clients – must be completed prior to first session
Body statistics prior to starting and at end of program
4 workouts per week
Before & After pictures
Clothing holds (must leave pants/skirt that is 2 sizes too small)
Nutrition guidelines and workshops
Guided shopping trips of grocery stores
Prizes for the top winners


**Choose group team, semiprivate team, or private team challenge **

Group Teams

*Workouts in groups of 12+ people

Semi-Private Teams - ask for details

*2 Workouts per week in groups of 4-5 people with your Team Trainer
*Unlimited workouts during special reserved studio times

Private Teams - ask for details

*2 Workouts per week one-on-one with your Team Trainer
*Unlimited workouts during special reserved studio times

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